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How to Love Your ADHD Brain

A 10-week comprehensive, interdisciplinary guide to thriving with ADHD!

2 hour live sessions weekly via Zoom that will take a group therapy style, with a focus on psychoeducation followed by skills and strategies

Taught by Occupational Therapist's and Registered Clinical Counsellors 

We will meet every Wednesday at 4:30 pm PST, 7:30 EST, 6:30 CST (but if you can't make it - no worries - we will record each session) 

Tons of downloadable resources 

Community of ADHDers
& so much more!

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Learn about your ADHD brain!

March 16th, 2023 

We'll cover the ADHD brain, how it impacts life (relationships, self-esteem, adulting),  what to do about it and how to use strategies to thrive with ADHD!
Powered by our team of Certified Health Practitioners!
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Week 1 - What is ADHD really?

There is a lot of information floating around about ADHD - but what actually makes an ADHD brain unique?
And what type of ADHD are you?

Week 1 covers:
  • The 3 types of ADHD
  • The brain and structural differences
  • The brain and related network differences
  • The role of dopamine
  • Strategies 
  • Strengths

Week 2 - Building a Strong Foundation

Week 2 covers the basic principles of:
  • The 2 nervous systems
  • The Polyvagal theory 
  • DBT foundations l
  • Thought traps
  • Mindfulness 
  • Neuroplasticity 

Week 3 - Why are simple things so hard?

Week 3 delves into the frontal lobe to discuss executive functions and the impact ADHD has on our daily lives. We will also go over strategies to better manage our adulting tasks. 

Week 3 Covers:
  • Executive functions 
  • Time blindness 
  • Grocery shopping
  • Budgeting
  • Other adulting tasks
  • Strategies

Week 4 - Why are my emotions so strong sometimes?

Week 4 covers:
  • Deep dive into the nervous system  
  • Overstimulation and analysis paralysis 
  • "Poppin off"
  • Brief look into common co-occurring mental health conditions 
  • Review of mindfulness + neuroplasticity 
  • Related Strategies 

Week 5 - What do I want and how to get it?

This week is all about goals and finding ways to make your desires more achievable. 

We will help tailor your goals. And we will go over our Getting Stuff Done competition to spur on healthy rivalry. 
Week 5 covers:
  • Review of Dopamine  
  • Breaking goals down
  • Prioritising
  • Getting Stuff Done Competition
  • Strategies

Week 6 - Foundations of Health 

This week we review the 3 pillars of health nutrition, sleep and exercise. 
Week 6 covers:
  • Review of our goals and week 1 of Getting Stuff done competition 
  • Sleep hygiene strategies
  • Pre re-corded videos from our wholistic nutritionist tailored for folks with ADHD   
  • Exercise strategies 

Week 7 - Building a Thrive Zone 

This week is all about learning productivity strategies and how to tailor our environments to get work done. 
Week 7 covers:
  • Review of our goals and week 2 of Getting Stuff done competition 
  • How to adapt your environment to thrive 
  • Productivity strategies 
  • Ergonomics
  • How to add mindfulness to your work/school day 

Week 8 + 9 - Relationships 

These two weeks are all about relationships, how to to communicate our needs to others, and how to receive feedback from others.
Weeks 8 + 9 cover:
  • Emotional Regulation + thought traps reviewed
  • Amygdala, basal ganglia and Limbic system
  • Communication strategies
  • Love languages 
  • Attachment styles

Week 10 - Celebration and any last questions 

Wooo making it through 10 weeks of working on ourselves is no easy feat! Let's celebrate, go over the competition winner and discuss anything that might have been missed! 
  • Acceptance and discussion of perception and societal expectations 
  • Main take-aways
  • Getting Stuff Done competition winner announced 
  • Questions
  • Wooooooooo! 
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Interactive learning

The learning process will be INTERACTIVE and STIMULATING!

Understandable content tailored to ADHD brains.

Workbooks and handouts you will be able to download with evidence-based education and strategies that are fun and engaging. 

Live and Recorded 

Sessions will be live every week, but will be recorded if you can't make the live time!


Boost your confidence and sense of connection by being a part of a community of like-minded individuals. 


Krysta is very knowledgeable and caring. Krysta provided me tools to bring mindfulness to my day to day life to help improve my mental health 
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Our Approach


It's difficult to cope with adult ADHD life when you don't understand how your brain works. Step one in our educative process is teaching the brain mechanisms behind ADHD. 


  • Live webinars 
  • Pre-recorded videos 
  • Assignments 
  • Downloadable handouts


  • Try strategies taught in class outside of class and journal results 
  • Implementing strategies 
  • Making plans for sticking to utilization of strategies outside of classroom 


  • Interactive activities 
  • Competitions 
  • Point systems for tracking goals
  • Discussions 
  • Practice skills
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